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Top 10 Reasons to Get Your Tax Return Done in February

From our office at Studio H in Cutchogue, NY, we submit our Top 10 Reasons to get your tax return Done in February:

10. You will finally stop wondering if you owe money or not.

9. If you do owe money, you can start saving now - you don’t have to pay or file for months.

8. If you are getting a refund get it right away instead of giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan.

7. Your tax refund may pay for that Spring Break getaway you’ve been looking to book.

6. You may be able to take your Valentine somewhere other than White Castle.

5. With the debt ceiling increasing, the longer you wait the more likely you are to get an IOU from the government instead of a check.

4. If you still file using snail mail there won’t be long lines at the post office.

3. You may have more money for March Madness pools.

2. Your tax return forms will still have that new tax return smell.

And the number one reason to get your Tax Return done in February…

1. Your accountant isn’t haggard and running entirely on caffeine as he will be in April.

Yes, you have until April 17 … and, yes, you can request an additional six months to submit your 2011 tax returns, but it’s not going to change the inevitable - you need to file your tax returns. Get them done now…and reduce the stress in your life.

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