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The 3/50 Project Supports Independent, Locally Owned Businesses

Last week I wrote about how American Express is helping to promote small businesses. As I mentioned, this promotion also helps American Express so while I do support its intent, it isn’t an entirely selfless promotion for Main Street. The 3/50 Project however, is an organization whose only mission is to “support independent, locally owned businesses by inspiring consumer loyalty to the storefronts that directly fund their communities”.

Their concept is simple. Pick 3 local businesses and spend $50 at each business every month. As I wrote previously, for every $100 spent in locally owned, independent businesses $68 returns to the community, whereas only $43 stays here if you spend that at a national chain. And while online shopping is certainly convenient, that $100 spent online brings ZERO dollars back to our local community.

The 3/50 Project website has many resources for business owners such as in-store signage, flyers and more, as well as a free iPhone app for consumers that directs users to local mom and pop shops. Their current holiday promotion is “Keep the Cheer Here” encouraging the community to keep our dollars home. Shop at your independent, locally owned businesses and Occupy Main Street this holiday season…and throughout the year!

Their website can be found at


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