Hunzinger Accounting & Financial Solutions

Rock Stars and Air Guitars

After many long hours and an insane amount of caffeine, another busy season is behind us. This year while assisting our clients with their taxes, as well as helping them to manage and grow their businesses, we got to know them even better and learned a few fun facts about what they are doing outside of their day jobs. Among our clientele we have:

  • A saxophonist in a ‘lungcore’ group (one that mixes horn instruments with heavy metal - who knew?)

  • A five-time Air Guitar Champion who goes by the alias “Windhammer”

  • A songwriter who wrote “Robot Vacuum” which is now the theme song for Roomba vacuum cleaners

  • A performer at Carnegie Hall

  • A blogger with over 5,000,000 followers

  • A food stylist for The Rachael Ray Show

We pride ourselves on the personal relationships we have with all of our clients and look forward to finding out about more hidden talents!

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