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Parking in Rear

Choosing a tax preparer isn’t as easy as it may seem, especially for those folks that have seemingly “simple” returns. I remember when I first moved to New York, tax time rolled around I wanted to get my taxes done as quickly and as cheaply as possible. H&R Block was one such option, as was the local Joe Shmoe CPA. Looking back I realize that even my “simple” return would have been better taken care of if I’d taken the time to find the right accountant. H&R Block and Joe Shmoe both got my return filed but after having been married to an accountant for many years I realize now that H&R Block’s freshly trained staff didn’t get me nearly the deductions I should have gotten and Joe Shmoe, well he got me plenty which luckily didn’t turn into fines and a jail sentence.

I recommend spending a bit of time to find an experienced and honest accountant to handle your taxes this year. It’s not a big effort-spend 15 minutes getting a recommendation from someone you trust or just doing some homework. How much experience does the person have? What are their credentials? Do they have references? What makes them the right choice for you? And what are you getting for your money?

For example, one local accounting firm is seeking a per diem tax preparer with 2-3 years experience. In other words they will be outsourcing the work to a junior tax preparer with little experience and likely charging you full rate for their time as a CPA. My favorite example is the local tax preparation/bookkeeping firm (i.e. not a CPA) who has chosen “Parking in Rear” as their selling point. If the best thing your tax partner has to offer is parking they’re probably not the best choice.

Choose the right accountant for the right reasons and know the credentials of the person doing the actual work. And of course for those in the Tri-state area, my husband Scott E. Hunzinger CPA and our firm Hunzinger Accounting & Financial Solutions is an experienced and reliable choice.



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