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New Year's Resolutions For Your Business

The morning after the champagne popped and the ball dropped, many of you very likely made personal New Year’s resolutions. Maybe you’re going to get to the gym, eat healthier, or de-clutter the house. But what about resolutions for your business? Here are a few of our favorites:

1) Set up (or revisit) the company budget: Whether you are a one-man-show or a 30 person agency, revising the company budget is a great opportunity to look over where your money is going every month/year and set your goals for 2015.

2) Update HR Records: Do you have employees? This time of year you will be looking over everyone’s info for W-2’s, so use it as an opportunity to make sure you have an updated W-4 and NYS IT-2104 on file.

3) Get your accounting in order: If you’re a small shop or freelancer and have neglected your accounting for 2014, January is the best time to get set up on new accounting software to make your 2015 bookkeeping a piece of cake! Check out Xero or Quickbooks and let us know if you need help getting set up.

4) Start saving (more) for retirement: If 2015 is already booking up with work, it might make sense to get a SEP or 401k started for your business to help you put away more for the future. You’ll get a deduction for the contributions AND you’ll be securing your financial future.

What new years resolutions are you making for your business? Share them with us!

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