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Duck Season. Wabbit Season. Nope, Budget Season

How much money did you save this past year? How much money do you have to spend on holiday gifts? Can you afford to give employees bonuses? If you can’t answer these questions you probably don’t have a budget–something every company, family unit, and individual should have. Without one you will very likely spend money you should be planning to use for something else. For example, retail businesses have sales taxes due every quarter; you may have an annual license or insurance policy due on a certain date; your sales may be seasonal requiring you to hoard cash in the busier months so that you have the funds to get you through the slower months; etc. If you haven’t budgeted for these and other expenditures in advance you could find yourself a day late and more than a dollar short.

As you’ve heard us say many times “Failing to plan is planning to fail.” Put a plan together for 2011 and, if you need help, please give us a call.


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