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Back to School, Back to Business V2.0

Another great summer is behind us. Labor Day weekend is over and the kiddies are heading back to school. They have a fresh box of crayons (ahhh burnt sienna) and new light-up shoes all set to go. You might not have a fresh box of crayons at the ready but it’s still time to start planning.

Many of you have tax filings due September 15. All businesses that filed tax extensions on or before March 15 are now required to file their 2016 tax returns. September 15 is also when 2017 estimated tax payments are due. Taxpayers are required to pay in at least 100% of either their prior year’s tax or current year’s estimated tax, whichever is lower, due in four installments on 4/15, 6/15, 9/15 and 1/15. We recommend calling us and tolerating some pocket protector humor in order to take a look at the current year. You want to know if you’re going to owe monies for taxes, or better yet if you owe less. Surprises are great for parties but not for taxes. Plan ahead!

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